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Our pups are active, home raised, well socialized and have begun potty and paper training. Pups come from AKC Champion sires and dams. Puppies are vet checked, healthy, wormed and vaccinated to date and available to the right home at no less than 10-12 weeks. 



Stacey Bingham - Port Saint Lucie, Fl

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This is a list compiled of supplies we suggest to get in anticipation of your new Shih Tzu or Yorkie puppy. I want to make sure the introduction of a new home is stress free.

Most of these  items can be purchased online at very affordable prices at Pet Edge .com in Reno NV

Click the link below to view their online catalog



All of our puppies are use to being in a 18-24 inch high by 8 panel puppy playpen like these pictured.
This is their comfort zone. Unless they are being taken out side to potty or out playing and being carefully watch by their new owners, puppies should be in a crate or pen so you don't have to worry about what the puppy is doing when you just can't be there in person.


Puppy Play pens are portable and provide a a safe and secure area where they can play, sleep, eat and use their potty pads with out going in the wrong place. Wire puppy crates are perfect for safe keeping while you are out or away or for sleeping at night near you so they don't feel left alone. A crate pad or small bed can be placed in the play pen or crate. Piddle pads can be purchased as well. 

Both & are good sources for puppy pens like these.


Food dishes should be ceramic and heavy so the puppy will not tip them over. A large water bottle will keep the puppy and the floor dry.

Grooming begins as soon as you get your puppy home all Shih Tzu and Yorkie puppies are bathed once per week. These are the kind of combs and brushes which work best on Shih Tzu and Yorkies. The Brush has pins with no balls at the end, comb is Teflon coated to reduce static and a slicker brush for mats. 



We use the following Whitening and Conditioning Shampoos 

Number One All - Systems. Shampoos Grooming sprays, Bows ,Combs and Brushes can be purchased at     Paw Marks Online Catalog, Pet Edge Online catalog and Paws and Tails

The Pet water stand to keeps our dogs faces white and dry!!  Can be ordered at

Acrylic Water Bottle Stand

Price: From $59.00 to $69.00

Product Options

Licker Option:

We use these Water Bottle adapters which fit a  Smart  water bottle -They  do not leak we attached to a long necked plastic Smart Water  bottle for fresh clean drinking water anywhere.. They can be ordered from

www.  or   www.Paws and Tails


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